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Upgrade your Software package with these modules The IGEMS Software basic package can be extended with several modules to further improve your waterjet cutting performance. Check out the modules we offer to upgrade your software!

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SignMaker Module

The SignMaker module is an additional IGEMS software module that facilitates:

  • Cutting of customer-provided logos, pictures, and drawn contour shapes
  • Embodiment of TrueType fonts in your cutting plan

With SignMaker every requested and scanned drawing can be seamlessly translated into a cutting job without complicated and time-consuming additional work.


Organizer Module

The module “Organizer” helps to arrange Projects, Products in combination with rest material and categorize them.


Data Exchange Module

The module “Data Exchange” allows to exchange data with other formats. On top of the Format DXF and DWG an extended list will be available.


Nesting Module

Using this module, the cutting categorization of materials to be cut can be optimized, enhancing the resulting efficiency. The module also supports the use of multiple head pens. Once cutting jobs and volumes are selected, the software module will fully automatically divide up the plate of material.


  • Nesting of cutting jobs in the nesting spaces
  • Simultaneous nesting of multiple plates
  • Overlapping parts will be recognized and included in the nesting routines
  • The ‘common cut’ feature enables cutting jobs to be put together, reducing cutting time
  • The option of preventing the cutting head from moving across previously completed jobs
  • A range of efficient nesting methods such as automatic, rectangular and circular nesting

Floating License

A floating license is an additional IGEMS option allowing all licenses to be managed on a computer that acts as a server. With IGEMS installed on several computers and a single IGEMS license, IGEMS can be started on any of the computers but can be used on only one computer at a time.


School License

This module allows for use of the license on multiple computers for teaching purposes.