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A job shop’s success is dependent on speed of response to a customer’s needs and a quality of workmanship that keeps them coming back. Waterjet cutting is a perfect fit to meet these objectives. A typical scenario may be a call from a customer whose production facility is offline due to a gasket failure. The 5-minute turnaround using a waterjet cutting machine is far superior to the 1-hour plus required using punches and dies.

Service centres

Specialised service centres unburden their customers by handling the processing of materials for them and their industries. Either focussing on one cutting application or a combination (such as waterjet and laser cutting) processing speed, production efficiency & automation as well as logistics is combined to be able to create an attractive market offer. A one-stop shop for subcontracting. A combination of cutting technology can build your perfect one-stop shop


Waterjet cutting machines are used in the automotive industry on production lines. A single cutting station can be fitted with more than one robot and either pure water or abrasive cutting heads. This means that a waterjet cutting machine on the automotive production line can process different parts made of different materials without interrupting the line to change anything except the control program.


The aerospace industry is known for the precision required in manufacturing processes and the standards of zero margin for error. Waterjet cutting is used to make components for jet engines and turbine blades as well as composite materials for aircraft. The absence of heat affected zones in waterjet cutting means that there is no danger of microscopic cracks or warping that could endanger lives.

Semiconductor industry

Cutting high value materials and composites for leading chip manufacturing machines. Accuracy, control and process know-how are the drivers for a successful process.


AKER and Larvik shipyard needs high speed, high volume cutting to ensure productivity in aluminium hull construction. The cold cutting process ensures no heat damage is done to the metal.

stone cutting

Waterjet will allow cutting in any direction in one workflow. Even 200mm granite can be cut in one process. The 2.5D cutting head permits a wide range of creative possibilities.

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