Product ideas and business applications

CAD-CAM one piece Busbar

Current state of technology is that busbars are assembled from bent flat strips and bolted together. At Resato we question if it would not be better is we can CAM cut the copper strip as one unit form plate material and then bend them where necessary. If the design is made to facilitate this we could eliminate bolts which would become future weak points.

We are not designers of power electrics so we are open to ideas to help develop this design solution. If this is not a good idea we are equally open to learning about this.

Wood: dove tail joints

The dove tail joint is a mark of quality craftsmanship as it requires high precision craft with saw and chisel. An accurate cut with a water jet machine is equally possible. The current series production solution is the biscuit of similar options but they do not have the look and feel of a real dove tail. 

Resato can cut the dovetail with precision and speed in a CAM setting based on a CAD design. A slight redesign to round of the corners to the cutting beam diameter would be required. 

Cleaning up Mouldings or Castings

Mostly mouldings or castings are cleaned up with machining or mechanical cutting. Sometimes there is no alternative to expensive manual work but when the edges can be approached with a cutting beam and knowing the shape of the product from a CAD file we can use this to clean up the product ready for use with a clean and well finished cut. 

Example: Cleaning up a metal casting and adding holes. 

Decorative Mosaic

Waterjets are common in the stone industry for cutting stone to size for all sorts of kitchen and sanitary applications. The combination with IGEM’s signmaker design can bring some surprising results when a complex shape is uploaded as a cutting file and combined with different colour stone or ceramics. The full and intuitive CAD-CAM software allows an effective and productive process combined with creative design.

waterjet cutting decorative ceramics
Seals and gaskets made to order:

Large machinery and process equipment has to have a high uptime. When a machine is disassembled for maintenance it will require new seals at the join. This could be required in a variation of materials and manufactured to the right design. Being able to respond immediately with a CAM made seal in the required material is an important support to industrial operations. 

Cutting Food

Pure water cutting is an interesting way to address the challenge of varying the cutting power with the demand and cutting with a sharp and clean tool very time. For these applications Resato can supply a complete package including the pump, safety unit, cutting head and controls. By varying the pressure in the cutting unit the cutting power can be varied so that for example flesh is cut but not bone.  When using clean water and with minimal human contact the health and safety of the process is well under control.