Materials that are cut with a waterjet cutter

Waterjet cutting is known for its versatility in cutting various materials, such as aluminium, steel, copper and titanium, glass, plastics and composite materials. The process does not generate heat or vapours. Read more about the most common materials that are cut with a waterjet cutter here:


Rubber products can be cut with a waterjet, sometimes with abrasive. Applications such as bumper profiles, gaskets, gear belts, conveyor belts, diving suits or hoses are typical applications.

Resato Materials Rubber
Resato waterjet foam composite
Waterjet cutting rubber gasket
waterjet cutting rubber boat fender


Thermoplastics with reinforcement and carbon fibre or glass fibre reinforced composites can be cut from sheets or can be finished using waterjet cutting. Applications are widely found in the automotive and aerospace business but also in sports- and safety gear.

Composite Materials Resato
waterjet cutting composite machine parts
Resato waterjet foam composite
Waterjet cutting composite parts


Waterjet cutting is ideal for cutting metal products without influencing the alloy properties. Metals such as stainless steel, hardened steel, aluminium, copper and titanium can be cut with waterjet cutting machines. With water cutting the chrystalline structure of the material is not changed as it is a cold process. For high end metallurgic alloys this is essential. The smooth finish ready for application saves significantly in finishing costs when compared to cutting with plasma or laser technology.

Waterjet cutting aluminium turbine wheel
waterjet cutting aluminium filter
3d waterjet cutting


Waterjet cutting will shape glass to any form, including chemically hardened glass and laminated glass.

Waterject cutting glass machine part
Waterjet cutting decorative glass
Waterjet cutting decorative glass


Waterjet cutting is the ideal method of cutting plastics without melting the edges of the cut. This ensures precision at all times for machinery or medical applications.

Waterject cutting plastic machine part
Resato waterjet plastic machine parts
Waterjet cutting Foam tool case


Stone is often used in kitchens, bathrooms and furniture applications for its hard wearing qualities and aesthetic look. Water cutting of stone is the prime choice as it is clean, environmentally friendly and very versatile. The high precision Resato cutting table allows the assembly and accurate glueing of stone elements.

Resato waterjet stone cutting
waterjet cutting stone counter top
Resato waterjet stone with bronze
Resato waterjet stone bathroom decoration
Resato waterjet stone MG
waterjec cutting wash basin


Engineering quality ceramics are used in aerospace, electrical engineering and even dental implants and bone replacements. Cutting the ceramic parts element as a apart of the production process is a sensible and accurate method.

Waterjet cutting kitchen ceramics
waterjet cutting decorative ceramics
Waterjet cutting decorative ceramics


Wood is an excellent light and strong construction material that can be cut very well using a water jet. As the pass is fast, the water will not ingress into the wood so that a cut part is soon ready for gluing. With accurately cut parts less glue is required and glues with low gap filling requirement such a resorcinol can be used effectively. The free form cut that a Resato waterjet cutting table can provide makes many forms possible and can be a base for innovative construction solutions. The good fit and waterjet technology significantly reduces wood dust production and saves on environmental cost.

Waterject cutting wood puzzle