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Resato Waterjet Technology BV is the supplier of water cutting solutions for professional cutting companies. Originating from a high-pressure specialist, Resato Waterjet Technology has developed into one of the few technology owners in the market for water cutting machines. Resato designs and manufactures the entire machine in house. An optimal water cutting process is guaranteed with a complete package of systems and services based on proprietary technology and an experienced and passionate team of process specialists, service providers and machine builders. The company has almost 25 years of experience in this field and operates mainly in Europe.

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People are without a doubt the greatest strength of Resato. We will stimulate the use of your talents and will offer you training to learn new skills or improve on your competences. With so many ways to contribute here, chances are good you will find a way to do what you love. We need the best of the best to innovate and create, and we expect nothing less from the people who market, support, and manage our products, our process, and our people.