IGEMS software package

The efficiency and speed with which cutting tasks can be executed is to a great extent determined by proper job preparation. Resato, therefore, supplies the IGEMS CAD/CAM software package, specifically developed for waterjet cutting.


The software package will be fully installed on a customer’s PC, on which we will also install the software for sending/receiving cutting programs to/from the CNC controller. The CNC controller has a cable connection to the PC.

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Important features of the standard IGEMS software are:

CAD/CAM software for waterjet cutting machines is needed for the planning and estimation of costs for your cutting jobs. User-friendliness and versatility of the software are key success factors for your business. Functionalities such as cost estimations per cutting job, manual and automatic nesting, bevel cutting previews, contour optimizing improve the quality of your cutting process and its economic viability. Our experts are trained in understanding your processes and identifying opportunities where CAD/CAM software can be used efficiently.


  • Quick and easy operation, including drawing capability
  • Fast and logical workflow for:
    • Importing cutting jobs
    • Assigning the type and height of material
    • Fast and efficient manual nesting
    • Automatic generation of the CNC program
    • Sending the CNC program to the cutting table
  • Import of files in DXF and DWG formats
  • Determination of a material’s “machinability” through a single test cut
  • The machinability determines:
    • Cutting speed
    • Slowing and acceleration around corners and tight curves

Learn more about the IGEMS software package here.