The two major costs of a waterjet cutting machine

When it comes to purchasing a waterjet machine, there are many questions that one needs answers to. However, the main one is “how much is all of this going to cost?” This blog shall give an overview of the cost drivers for a waterjet cutting machine with regard to CAPEX and OPEX.

The difference between the two is that capital expenses are the ones the company pays to purchase physical goods or services while operating expenses are the costs for a company to run their business daily.

The Main Investment Driver

What influences the price of a waterjet cutting system the most is a commonly asked question. The waterjet cutting table and the pump are the two components that drive the investment’s capital expenses. 


●     Cutting table – The cutting table forms the foundation for your cutting. It is where the material is placed and where the whole cutting process takes place. It is important to pay attention to how the table integrates to your production process (for loading and unloading the machine). The length and width of the table are drivers of the cost for the table. The cutting table is also the most expensive part of the entire waterjet machine.


●     Waterjet pump – The high-pressure pump is the heart of any waterjet cutting machine, the cutting process is made possible by pressurizing water to a high pressure which is accomplished by the pump. The price of the installation may vary depending on how many pumps are needed for the requirements of the project.

The main operational cost driver

Running a waterjet cutting machine on a daily basis involves costs as well. Those are referred to as operational costs. Besides electricity costs, the consumption of abrasive will be the major operational expense for running a waterjet cutting machine.

●    Abrasive consumption Abrasive cutting uses an abrasive particle (e.g. garnet) that is added to the high-pressure water stream to cut through harder materials like stone. The abrasive will most likely be the largest consumable cost, its flow and the consumption of garnet depends on the size of the pump and the working hours.