Excellent cutting quality due to minimal pressure fluctuations through the optimization of stroke volume, a high pressure accumulator and electronic switching by the pressure booster

Design and working height provides easy access to all important components

User friendly operation via touch panel

Low noise level: <72 DB


The PJ4-4000 high pressure pump works on the pressure booster principle, with the pressure booster (intensifier) being powered by an electro hydraulic pump. The intensifier converts oil pressure into water pressure controllable from 300 to 4,000 bar.


A pressure compensated hydraulic axial piston pump is driven by a 30kW electric motor, with a maximum oil pressure of 200 bar. The hydraulic pump has an electronic pressure control and a safety valve that relieves system pressure when the pump switches off.


To minimize pressure pulses in the system caused by intensifier switching and the opening and shut-off of the cutting head, the system embodies an integrated 2.5 liter accumulator. The accumulator has a proven track record in ensuring considerable reduction in wear of the high pressure tubing and fittings.


Technical specification

Maximum capacity 3,8 L/min
Maximum pressure 4000 bar
Maximum power 30 kW
Number of pressure boosters 1


The Waterjet Pump can be extended with several options and features to further improve your waterjet cutting performance.