PJ4-4000 Options

  • Softstarter
  • Pump Skid for two pumps
  • CC-Series Water softener
  • Double Intensifier is a useful option when you want to continue production with one intensifier while overhauling the other


In order to reduce the start up power consumption of the waterjet cutting pump to a maximum of 2.5 x I nominally, a so-called softstarter will be integrated.


Pump Skid for two pumps
The Pump Skid controls the complete water management when using multiple pumps on a single or multiple cutting table(s).


CC-Series Water softener
The CC series water softeners are built as a duplex system and are reliable, efficient and economical. The compact system, containing resin tanks, provides softened water 24 hours a day. For the standard CC series, average hardness of the inlet water cannot exceed 8.5°dH. Alternative series, allowing inlet water hardness to exceed this maximum of 8.5°dH, are available.

  • No electrical power, complicated timers or operator activation are required.
  • Highly efficient system with low consumption of water and salt
  • Volumetric regeneration
CC-Series Watersoftener
Volume treated before regeneration required 275 to 2200 liter
Minimum capacity during regeneration 11 L/min
Salt capacity 25 kg