2.5D Cutting head Laser pointer/Software Bevel Cutting Module

  • Laser pointer
  • Software Bevel Cutting Module


Laser pointer
The laser pointer delivers significant time savings through the fast and accurate determination of the 0-point, achieved via a laser-projected cross on the material to be cut. The cross lies parallel to the X- and Y-axis. The software integrates the position of the laser pointer so that the cutting head recognizes the 0-point of the laser as the starting point. The laser pointer is located on the cutting carriage, from which it also draws its power, and can also be used to level the material to be cut on both X- and Y-axes. The laser-projected cross is perfectly visible in daylight. The housing is designed to ensure that the cutting process and high-speed water/abrasive mixture does not impact the life of the laser.


Software Bevel Cutting Module
The IGEMS module for bevel cutting is supplied with the automatic bevelling cutting head, and functions uniquely with the latest version of the IGEMS Basic Package. The bevel cutting module enables the cutting of bevels in flat materials and is ideal for preparing edges to be welded. The IGEMS bevel cutting module is extremely easy to use, simply requiring entry of the desired angle and width of the bevel via an easy-accessible Toolpath and providing near-2D-operation simplicity.