Resato ACM: Innovative Safety Integration in waterjet cutting machines

Resato ACM cutting machines use a unique safety integration system, noted for swift response to light screen triggers. The Resato ACM’s is designed with several options to protect users from hazards.

Light Screen Technology:

Utilizing common light screen technology, Resato ACM strategically places sensors to create safety barrier. Triggers result in an immediate shutdown of the waterjet pump, but also an immediate pressure relief of the whole cutting line.

Regulatory Mandates:

Regulatory bodies, including health and safety inspections, citing CE driven machine safety regulations, have consistently emphasized the mandatory use of safety screens around waterjet cutting machines. These safety measures address potential hazards associated with the cutting process. The absence of safety screens introduces potential risks for workers using waterjet cutting technology, exposing them to hazards like water and abrasive particle both direct and blow back.

Pressure Relief through Safety Box:

In tandem with pump shutdown, Resato ACM employs a safety box for swift pressure relief in the lines. This ensures a secure and fast shutdown, addressing risks from direct or indirect contact with the cutting beam and also from rapid X-Y table movements.

Flex Zone Technology:

Resato ACM’s unique Flex Zone technology allows access to parts of the table outside the cutting zone, while protecting the access to the cutting zone itself.  This allows the operator to remove cut pieces from one end of the that table and replacing this with new material, so creating a continuous process.


Resato ACM’s safety innovations for waterjet cutting, incorporating static or dynamic light screen technology and features like the Flex Zone, set a high standard in the industry. These measures align with regulatory ruling, contributing to a secure and efficient industrial environment. Resato ACM’s safety minded approach ensures worker well-being and excellence in industrial safety.