Abrasive Removal System (RS3)

The type RS3 abrasive removal system, containing a single filter, incorporates a special suction and pressure tubing network, provided with a number of inlet and outlet nozzles, that is built into the ACM table’s catcher. The catcher size determines the number of inlet and outlet nozzles, and for larger catchers the inlet and outlet nozzles will be automatically controlled per section via pneumatic valves.


Technical specification:

  • Operating pressure 1,5 bar
  • Pump flow rate ~70 L/min
  • RS3 tank capacity 500 liter
  • Air consumption 500 Nl/min


The water/abrasive mixture is pumped from the catcher into a free standing separation unit with a so-called big bag filter. The mixture is collected in the bag and, after separation of abrasive, the water is pumped back into the catcher via a connecting circuit.

Switching on/off and setting of the RS3 system parameters is done from the operator console. The big bag filter can be easily removed from the separation unit.


Optimal distance
The maximum distance from the cutting table connection points to the RS3 separation unit is 6 meters. This distance ensures optimal functioning.


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