ERIKS Expertise in Seals

High mix low volume

For many machine builders, ERIKS is the one-stop shop for all types and sizes of seals. Things like O-rings, hydraulic seals or gaskets in all shapes and sizes. In addition to manufacturing they also have the knowledge of how to apply them.

Part of their work is customization. For example: a chemical company is in the middle of a turn-around and suddenly has to renovate a large valve, which requires a new gasket. This must also be made of a thermally resistant material. No worries, ERIKS has all materials in stock and can CAD-CAM the seal to size. The customer simply sends the step file or DXF file or even, in extreme cases, a sketch and ERIKS can cut the gasket on site. And it will be ready before the courier arrives to pick it up!


ERIKS has developed a configurator for flat gaskets so that customers can log in and put together the desired gasket online. The drawing goes directly to the cutting department, which in turn initiates the cutting of one or more gaskets. CAD-CAM seals at its best!

In order to quickly cut a multitude of materials, ERIKS in Rotterdam recently acquired a new machine that can cut all conceivable materials interchangeably, without having to modify the tooling to do so. 

The Resato ACM 3030-2 (Advanced Cutting Machine 3x3m cutting bed) is equipped with two cutting heads. Up to a cutting precision of +/- 0.1 mm, the machine can reliably cut the seal to size. 

 Large series are cut in multiple layers and, if necessary, in unmanned production overnight. This allows ERIKS to deliver quickly and reliably. A unique application of the Resato ACM machine and a great service to all companies that need fast and accurate custom service. 

When we visit ERIKS we see a company that is much more manufacturing oriented than wholesale. For example, ERIKS distinguishes itself by having its own strong engineering and the know-how to customize rubber compounds. They also developed a solution for ‘clicking’ seals together instead of gluing them together.

The focus on seals is so strong that they also offer their own training for proper assembly. 

 With the waterjet we can make whatever we can think of,” says Business Unit Manager Ed Leek. And that mindset forms foundation of the business case for this wonderful application. 

Photo left: finished product ready for shipment: polyurethane, rubber, metal and composite….